What loving your city means to us is to create a closed-loop ecosystem that allows humans and communities to live, eat, and breathe in a way that creates a wholeness and sense of being in everything that we do. We are passionate about community, hence our focus is keen on the things that truly make us human. We are always excited to share our passions with you, and show our passions as they come to fruition in the communities we touch through our real estate projects, hospitality or philanthropic ventures. The Love Your City mantra is our guiding light that pushes us to do better by the city and the people we work with in it.

Project Love Your City is a way to truly connect businesses and individuals together through a campaign to raise awareness and support to those in need. We look forward to continuously supporting the community that we love and having you a part of this initiative to support businesses and individuals in need. See below for the details of how to be a part of Project Love Your City.

In support of both local companies and community members who are struggling during this pandemic, we are thrilled to partner with handpicked local business to offer weekly giveaways of goods and services valued at $500.

Please fill out a submission below or visit our Instagram for further instructions. Thank you!


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